Amazon Strategy - The Basics

Amazon Strategy - The Basics

Seller creates a product on Amazon.

This product on Amazon is now in a category alongside hundreds or thousands of other products that are similar to it. They are all in competition with each other. But each search results page is only big enough to show a handful of results. The competition is fierce. Lets look at it another way. Lets pretend this product is a book.

The book currently ranks 273 in Small Business Books as a category. 273 in a Category is okay! Not the best, not the worst.

But even though its doing "okay", the flipside is there are only a handful of things which a customer could search for on Amazon to find you. This is the most important sentence of this blog so far - There are only a handful of things which a customer could search for on Amazon to find you on the 1st Page

Some of your competitors on Amazon have hundreds of words someone can search in order to find their book. Thats why your book is rank 273 and their book is rank 47.

This lack of appearance in search is the biggest barrier to your book sales. Its a far bigger problem than people looking at it and deciding they don't want to read it.

All of eCommerce is split into Search v Conversion as 2 large sections that control the spend of money. Search is nearly always the bigger blockade and that is very true here in this hypothetical scenario.

Amazon strategy is best explained by the word momentum and by getting this ball rolling a little faster (or the rank a little better than 273), you will pick up many more sales as time goes on.

Our approach as to improve this book at rank 273 would be keen to take all the great ranking words from the 272 books above you in the category and write some of these words into your description & back-end on the book's digital listing on Amazon (the book itself won't need to be changed or anything).

You will climb in the category as more people will find you & the snowball momentum then starts to apply even more and pays dividends. If we finesse this process enough over the months and years, you will be in a much better position.

That in summary, is our job and how we do what we do. In simple form! 

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